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How To Tell If A Writer Has A New Idea

weirdwritersSometimes writers can be very… weird. Sometimes they just plain don’t make much sense at all. I’m here to help you figure out if your writing friend has a new idea floating around in their head. As a fellow writer, I think I know exactly how it goes. Continue reading “How To Tell If A Writer Has A New Idea”

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NaNo has Begun!

How many of you are participating in NaNo?

Well then… you’d understand if I quit this post right here and now and went off to write, eh?


But hey, those of you who are doing NaNo… tell me about your project! Now that we’re… 17 hours and 49 minutes into it, have you chosen your story? Did you plan? Are you winging it? Are you excited to start or can you feel your heart sinking?

I wanna hear from you!

How is it going?

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Tips for Preparing for NaNo

If you’re like me, you are watching the 1st of November come up a mixture of excitement, dread, happiness, sorrow. No doubt on Nov. 1st, we’ll all shout in both exhilaration and overwhelming fear. To help feel more excitement and less dread, here are a couple tips for surviving NaNo that I will be putting into use… Continue reading “Tips for Preparing for NaNo”

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The Importance of Non-verbals in Stories

93% of our emotional communication is through non-verbals.

“What in the world are non-verbals?” You ask.

Well, non-verbals are defined (by my textbook) as “communication other than written or spoken language that creates meaning for someone.”

So, instead of you simply asking what non-verbals are, you cock your head curiously, raise an eyebrow to show that you’re asking a question, and your voice raises at the end of your sentence, verifying that it is indeed a question.

Yes. That.

Why are they so important to add to stories? Continue reading “The Importance of Non-verbals in Stories”

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YOU can help Las Vegas

What words can describe the horror of Las Vegas?

We were driving through the mountains Sunday night without any cell coverage on the way to a college campus visit and didn’t hear of it till the middle of a class I got to sit in. It was an Intro to Media Writing– intro to writing news stories– and the Prof brought up the Vegas story as an example of how reporting works in the middle of a crisis. There I read the words.

50 dead.

400 wounded.

Worst mass shooting in the United States.

As if everything wasn’t already bad enough, the numbers have risen from yesterday morning. 59 dead and 525 wounded.

There are only a few words that can describe this horror:




I’ve often felt that, after a personal tragedy, the world keeps truckin’ on, completely uncaring. That doesn’t have to be–not here, not now, not with this. People, no matter who you are, there are many ways we can help the victims of Las Vegas heal.  Continue reading “YOU can help Las Vegas”

Sept RAKs: Day 9

Today… well, today I didn’t really do any RAKs since I was getting paid for being nice and doing something I like. Basically, there’s a festival that my neighbor goes to and does pony rides at. I took an afternoon shift. So… I was paid to hang out with horses and make kids smile! Awesomeness, right??

What did you do today?

Sept RAKs: Day 7

Today, I took my siblings and my cousin to a girls’ Bible study that we’re all a part of. Apparently now my aunt is enjoying the benefits of me having my license as well! Hahaha. But we all had fun seeing our friends, and I did have fun explaining that I’m able to drive everyone over now!

What did you do today?