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person-woman-apple-hotelSo now that I’ve introduced you to me, it’s probably time to introduce you to my writing. After all, what’s the point of reading an author’s blog if you don’t know what s/he’s author(ed)/(ing).

Here, amazing readers, are my top six stories.

(1) Deaf as Helen Keller

First off, the title is still pending. I mostly like it, although I’ve had a friend say it was too trite. I’m not sure. Sooo…. that’s still up in the air.

Hey! Actually, you could help me out. Keeping in mind that it’s about a newly Deaf girl learning how to function in the Deaf and Hearing world, which title do you think sounds best?

About the story:

Destiny Caldwell had everything a teenaged girl would want. Lots of friends, a good dog, and great grades. She was one of the most popular kids in school.

But then, It happened. Dizziness struck her at lunch. Over the next couple days, other symptoms flashed up. She stayed in bed, held captive by her unknown sickness. By the end of the week, she was completely deaf. Only then did they learn the name of her attacker, Cogan’s Syndrome. The family she once despised became the only ones who stayed by her side. Now trying to build her life up again, she finds out what really matters in life.

And Who really cares.

This story is the one I have closest to being finished. I have just a little bit of editing to do before I start sending it to beta readers, but I’m working hard on having that done before the end of October. If that all works out, hopefully, I’ll be able to start sending it to agents in January.

(2) How To Take Over The World: And Other Involuntary Jobs

This one will probably never be published unless somehow, I find an agent as goofy as me. And then the both of us have to find a publisher. Honestly, I’m not writing it for publishing, though, I’m writing it for me for fun.

The synopsis:

Have you ever been that kid that every likes? Everyone’s always talking to you, or laughing with you or fighting over who gets to sit by you. No? Well yeah, I suppose every school’s only got one. For my school, that’s me.

Somehow, I was cursed with the personality that just attracts everyone to me! Everything I say is law, everything I do is worth making a movie about and everything I wear is the hottest thing ever. (Ever wonder where the ripped jean fad came from? It’s a long story involving falling out of a tree, but it proves my point.) Thank goodness it’s a small, secluded town in remote West Virginia or I think I would have suffocated from all the people pressed around me by now.

But when the Evilest Guy In The World hears about me frm one of his not-as-evil evil croonies, he has the perfect plan in mind. (Ok, ok, so not perfect. Perfect for him. Not perfect for me. Or anyone else.) It’s up to me, Riley, and whoever else Jaylee adds into the story before completion to save the world from Evil Charlie’s grip.

Yeah… once I was asked what my favorite genre was to write it. I answered ‘Stupidness, no thanks to How To Take Over The World.

(3) Death’s Whistle

Yes, there was a typo on the name. *shrugs* oh well.

I’m beginning to notice that my poor, poor characters have hard lives with me controlling their story. They should go on strike one day. Maybe that’s what writer’s block comes from.

Anyways, Death’s Whistle is a story that I’ve had in the back of my mind for a long time, ever since I heard that you could hear banging inside the U.S.S Oklahoma for three days after Pearl Harbor. Even though they tried, they couldn’t get them out.

So, April 2016, in Camp Nano, I started to write the story down. And I got it mostly finished. And then I stared at it and realized how much I didn’t like it. And so I tore it apart and started writing it again. Then I scrapped it and started over with the first draft again. And then… and then I realized how close to publishing I was with Deaf as Helen Keller and decided to focus on that story for this year.

Story plot:

Life has always been hard for Alex. But that’s only to be expected, growing up during the Great Depression and all. The Depression finally ends, Alex marries his sweetheart, and he thinks that life is finally looking up for him.

Boy, was he ever wrong.

Don’t worry Alex and Sarah Jane–I will come back to you.

(4) Desperate

Again… that title is not staying there. I just picked a word that used the overall feeling of what I think the story is going to be because I didn’t want to call it *Untitled*. Basically, it started one day when I excitedly messaged my friend, “There was an airplane crash. And only one guy made it. No! Two! One was a little girl he had to take care of. And they’re lost in the woods. And when they FINALLY get back to civilization, they find out it’s A WAR ZONE!” She read it and said “YES!”

So… Desperate was born.

I haven’t gotten very far in it, just far enough in to know that Jessie and Alicia are finally (they think) safe in town, but very confused about the war. 😛 But it’s a lot of fun and the story I carry around in my folder to write on during in-between moments.

(5) Uki

Map, plane, destination skull

For those of you who are wondering, Uki is a female Inuit name meaning ‘survivor’. In this story, written by Jaylee Grace (i.e. me and a friend), it’s the theme of the entire mystery.

When Adam Steiner found himself in a remote Alaskan Village to write a book on Native American history, he never imagined he would become involved in a series of random murders. As the threat increases, he finds himself in a desperate struggle to unmask the killer and ultimately thwart a power believed to be buried for years. As the danger rises, the word Uki is his only hope.

I had a blast with this story. For the first time in forever, I wrote from the perspective of a young man. I did it with one of my best friends. And… I also got to write the majority of the bad girl journal entries. I LOVED IT!!

Right now, we’re working on editing/revising/making-funny-faces-as-we-stare-at-the-screen and deciding which way to word the ending. Hopefully, you’ll see it in your local libraries and bookstores soon!

(6) The Whitney Carson Series

This series (books: Out of the Shadows, Midnight Faith, Baptized by Blood) was the first one I ever finished. Well, mostly finished. I still haven’t finished the last book. Mostly, because I realized (as I was growing up) that the first two books need a ton of help. And I didn’t feel like editing. And then Deaf as Helen Keller and Death’s Whistle came along. And yeah. I got lazy.

Am I done with the Whitney Carson Series? Absolutely not. I’m still very much in love with the character of Whitney. And Diego. And–oh. Jayden. Stacie. JaydenXStacie. Love that pair. 😀 I still have revisions brewing in my head, ways to make it better and correct my younger, wild, insane thoughts into a decent story that I like. 😀

(7) The Idiot’s Guide To Surviving It

This one is a series that I’m writing with another close friend, Dawn Dagger. The first story, Three Months In, is supposed to be about two friends, Shelley and Terri, three months into a world apocalypse–It. Instead, Jack comes around and it turns into Terri, Shelley, Jack. Yes, the order of those names is intentional. (Shelley usually has to jump between Terri and Jack in order to keep… you know… the arguments at least at explosive. Who knows what any higher than that would do?) Then there’s It Can’t Get Worse Than This in which… well… lots of bad, end-of-the-world things happen. And now we’re working on It Managed To Get Worse. In which… things get worse.

Right now, it’s writing for fun. But who knows? (It’s already triggered Desperate, what else could come from it? 😀


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    1. Thank you for the offer! But that’s not why I’m not publishing it. I’m simply writing it for fun. I don’t think it will be publishable material. 😀


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