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How-To Character Studies #1


Character studies! Some of you hear those two words and shudder in your boots (or, you know, whatever you wear). But fear not! That is not the kind of character studies that I’m talking about.

The kind of character studies I’m talking about are the fun, jovial character studies by the authors, usually on their blog as a means of making you (who are not currently reading their stories) to fall in love with their characters and  making (those who already read their stories) to squeal with delight and instantly tweet them about how amazing they are…Yes, my dears, that is what a character study is.  *nods sincerely*

Or, if the author is me (or like me), they’re doing it because it’s so. much. fun.

So that’s what. And why. Mostly. The basics, at least.

But in order to really understand, I think I should walk you through it. Because… why not. It’ll be fun. 😀

Character Study #1

rachel[This is me explaining things to you. Pay attention! There’s a test on this!]

[First, we need to know who the character is, what story she’s in, and anything else you’d like to add.]

This is Rachel Estene. She is a character that I and my sister (Sister #3) imagined up. As of right now, she’s not in a story, but I’m sure that will change soon enough.

[Then you get to start doing the fun stuff– like coming up with questions and answering them!!]

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

I hiked six thousand miles over my lifetime. Usually, it’s just my dad and I that hike, but we’ve hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Northwest Trail, the John Muir Trail… among many others. If you can’t tell, I love to hike! (Actually, the picture above is towards the end of one of my backpacking trips. It was a bit of a rough hike.)

{A hiker! Wow! So am I! And you’ve hiked all the trails I’ve always wanted to… wow, what a coincidence…}

[And of course, after the interview, you can always add your thoughts using [brackets] or {braces}. Make it serious, make it silly, make it whatever you want. I’m using braces to show my reactions in this interview.]

What or who is the greatest love of your life?

Jesus is my greatest love. After I met Him at a youth group my friend invited me to, I’ve never been the same. Since then, I’ve gotten involved with a youth ministry called “Bright Lights” where I’m a leader to a bunch of girls under thirteen years old. I’m not sure what’s more fun– hanging  out with all the girls or watching them learn that they can be girls and avid outdoorsy people too. 😀 (I use a lot of my hiking stories in my lessons.)

{Wow! I do the whole story from the rugged trail thing too! I love this character!}

[DO NOT be shy about a character’s beliefs! They do make up a huge part of their personality.]

What is your greatest fear?

I’m most scared of bears. They’re everywhere on the trails. I’m scared that I’m going to be sleeping in a shelter and wake to find one staring me in the face. Doesn’t stop me from hiking, though.

{Which started the whole spiders are more scary than bears conversation… But bears. Bears are definitely more scary than widdle ittle spideys.}

[Fears… very important to touch on. Very. *nods like I actually know something*]

Where would you like to live?

I would love to live at the beach. As much as I love hiking in the mountains… it would be awesome to have home base be by the ocean.

{That was all my sister right there. Me and beaches? Ha! Nope.}

What are your favorite names?

My favorite names are Joss and Carter. (Anyone who love Person of Interest will get that reference).

[Fandoms. Fandoms are great. Just a little quirk in their personality to make them more lovable. But seriously. WATCH POI!]

That way is the first person interview. I personally really, really like it! Depending on your writing style and your character, you can make it anything you want!

Now for — *drumroll*


T H E  T E S T :

(Post answers in the comments)

#1. What was the character’s name?

#2. What kind of character study is this?

B O N U S  Q U E S T I O N S :

#3. What was your favorite thing about her?

#4. What kind of story do you see her in?



Stay tuned! Next week we’ll show another very common character study and introduce you to Elijah (Morals) Sheridan.


6 thoughts on “How-To Character Studies #1”

  1. Jaylee, you do not need to list their biggest fear, just write the general stuff about them, if you want to add more, add more. but you do not need to add anything to dramatic.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, you do not *need* to. Everything up there is a suggestion. But I like it more when the author of the post goes into more the more nitty gritty details of what makes a character a character, don’t you? And this is only one of several examples that I’m giving. 😀 More are coming in the following weeks.

      Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. #1. What was the character’s name?
    Rachel E.
    #2. What kind of character study is this?
    A fun one from the author.

    B O N U S Q U E S T I O N S :

    #3. What was your favorite thing about her?
    She is scared of bears.

    #4. What kind of story do you see her in?
    Suburban fantasy.

    Liked by 1 person

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