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How-To Character Studies #2



Welcome back for the second character study!! If you came back, means you enjoyed the last one, which makes me really, really happy! (I actually heard from a friend that she’s going to try character studies because of seeing last week’s post. Yay!)

Recap on last week, (in case you weren’t there):

We did the First Person Interview (which is a lot of fun) with a character named Rachel Estene and learned about important things to let your readers know. Melody Peace was the only one who took the test and she received an A+. (Woot! Way to go! Yay!) Check out that post here.

Now for this week! I am doing a different character study. (Wait!–you’re asking with excitement–there’s more than one?) Oh yes, my friends (and loyal readers), there is more than one! The one we are doing today is called First Person Bragging. Basically, you simply hand the character the mike. And the character today is… well, I’ll just let him tell you himself.

Character Study #2

[Introduction first, so people know who they are and from what story and all that.]

Hi, guys! My name is Elijah Sheridan! But, uh, you can call me Morals. Or EMS. Yes, EMS stands for Emergency Medical Services. My friend RK calls me that, because… you know what? Never mind. It’s too embarrassing to tell. Anyways, Jaylee is telling my story in How to Take Over The World.

[After the intro, just let your character shine.]

So, Jaylee has informed me that I’m here to do a character sketch for you. Which was rude of her, because she didn’t even ask if I had time for it today. Nope, she just pushed me out here on stage. I didn’t even get a chance to write up my speech. Maybe, if she would have asked, I would have told her that I had just gotten back from saving the world and wanted to go to sleep in my own bed. I would have given her another day that would have worked, but nope. As if almost getting blown up didn’t even matter. Like does she really think that doesn’t make a guy tired?

[Again, thoughts of your own can go in [brackets] or {braces}. If you want, you can even italicize them to make them stand out more.]

Seriously guys, she’s acting like I didn’t face my worst fears (snakes, dark places, recreations of Duncan moments) just the other day! Maybe I need a break! Just one day to myself! Like… don’t you think I deserve it? I mean, she was the one who got me stuck with saving the world. Maybe a little understanding might be nice?

{Hey! I am a very nice, very understanding person!}

But I would gladly do spontaneous character studies for the next two weeks if she’d help me out with Riley a little. I mean, after being held captive by the evilest dude in the world, I can see where she’d have a little bit of trust issues, but, still! I’d think that by now Jaylee would have let us get a little closer. But nope. Riley’s still… Riley. Doesn’t the main character get a little help every now and then? Especially with the girl of the story?

[Ah, love. Nothing makes a 13-year-old more adorable than watching him sort out his first crush.]

*discreetly checks watch* Yup, guys, it’s, uh, about time for me to wrap this up. So… wrapped up. Bye! *dives into bed and flips on Amazon for Stargate Atlantis*

So! That was the character study! And that was Morals. (Sorry guys, he’s usually a bit more mannered than that.) I still like the first person interview better (especially if someone else comes up with the questions), but this one is a lot of fun to write too.

Now for the test. As an added bonus–complete the test and I’ll link to your blog (and a surprise) on my next blog post!

T H E   T E S T :

#1. What is one of Elijah’s nicknames?

#2. What is his silliest character quality (in your opinion)?

B O N U S   Q U E S T I O N S :

#3. What kind of pet does Elijah need?

#4. Should Jaylee give him a little help with Riley?


See y’all next week!


2 thoughts on “How-To Character Studies #2”

  1. #1. What is one of Elijah’s nicknames?


    #2. What is his silliest character quality (in your opinion)?

    His angry remarks- they’re adorable.

    B O N U S Q U E S T I O N S :

    #3. What kind of pet does Elijah need?

    IN honesty, a kitten. But he needs a snake.

    #4. Should Jaylee give him a little help with Riley?



    1. Hehe, a snake. Never thought of that. I like it. 😀 Give him a snake and have it be best friends with a stray kitten…


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