Character Studies

How-To Character Studies #3


Hey guys! Welcome back for yet another How-To Character Studies. Today we’re doing something really fun with two (three) characters I have yet to write about on this blog. Stay tuned!

T E S T   R E S U L T S :

Melody Peace: (Click here to read her fun blog) She receives an A plus! (The answer about the snake? LOVE IT. Never would have thought of that before, but you’re right. Lol.)

Also… she posted a character study based off of one of mine! Cool or what? Check it out here…

So now… the third Character Studies!

This one is another interview. HOWEVER (there’s always a ‘however’, lol), in this one, you will be asking one character (either Main Character or Side Character) about another character (either MC or SC). This works super well for characters that everyone sees differently (of course, to top it off, you’d have to have an interview of the character so you know how s/he feels about her/himself).

This one can be super fun… and today, I’m gonna show you why.

Character Studies #3

[Again, the introduction of the characters almost always comes first.]

Alright, folks. Today I’m going to be talking to Jayden Torres about Whitney Carson. Jayden Torres is the pastor in the Whitney Carson series and is one of the main secondary characters. If it weren’t for him, there would be a lot in Whitney’s story that didn’t happen. However… he’s a bit a visionary and quite willing to overlook flaws. You can see that when/if you read the story.

[Now for the questions]

Hello, Jayden. It’s so nice to have you here.

Thank you, Jaylee. It’s nice to be here.

[I’m testing out a new way of giving interviews via blog too. 😀 ]

So, Jayden. Give me a quick overview of Whitney.

Ok. Um… shoulder-length black hair, blue eyes (which makes me think the hair is dyed), and a tanned, hard face. Well, she only wears that tough, hard look when she’s outside of our home. After we gained her trust, she softened up and we were able to get to know the real Whitney– the insecure, floundering, truth-seeking one. Oh. Never ask her age. The insecure part of her is always worried that people won’t respect her if they knew how old she really is. We’ve had more than one guessing game on that subject… I think she’s in the 18, 19, 20 range?

What did you think when you first met her?

She needs a friend. A real friend.

What was she doing the first time you met her?

Well the first time I met her, she was doing some target practice with her knife…

Target practice?

Throwing her knife. Or dagger. Or whatever she calls it. She always carries it out of sight in case she gets in a tight situation and can’t use her gun. (Yes. She has a gun. It’s her baby. I wouldn’t suggest trying to touch it.)

Ok, the first time you saw her… what was she doing?

Well… she was… ok, so there’s this one section of town… no one who wants to stay alive goes there. But she was walking in there like she owned the place. And then I waited and she walked back out, completely unharmed. And I was like… wow, that is one hardcore girl.

What did Stacie think of Whitney?

Stacie, my wife, was perfectly fine with me trying to befriend Whitney until she learned whose daughter Whitney was. Then she was pretty nervous about it. After she met Whitney, I think she turned around. *grins like a dork* Now the two of them are pretty good pals.

Were you ever afraid of Whitney or her connections?

Whitney? Nah. Even though I know she could kill me in ten different ways and make it look like ten separate people did it (or knows at least ten hitmen), I’ve never been worried around her. Like Jim Elliot says, “You are immortal until your work is done.”

Diego (Whitney’s dad) though? One time, when Whitney was hurt and staying with us until she healed, he stopped by. Talk about… about… dominating, hardcore, coldhearted… yeah, that guy scares me. Like Jim Elliot says, “You are immortal until your work is done.” But… still. That Diego guy scares even immortals.

Thank you for your time, Jayden! Wow, looks like Whitney and Stacie came to pick you up.

Oh yeah. We’re going out for ice cream. *grins more* Thanks for having me… Um, am I supposed to say anything else before I leave?

*chuckles* No, that’s good. Bye, guys!

So peoples… that’s the one character about another interview. Maybe I’ll have to ask Whitney up for an interview sometime too. 😀 One about herself and one about Jayden. (Trust me, the one about Jayden will be very interesting!)

T H E    T E S T :

#1. Who was interviewed?

#2. What did you like about this interview?

B O N U S    Q U E S T I O N S :

#3. What’s your favorite author?

#4. Would you like to meet Jayden now?


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