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Update on Destiny

Well, well, well! I sent Destiny to my editor on Friday… and now I am eagerly (nervously, desperately, querulously… take your pick) awaiting a response. I know it could take a while and it’s not helping that I have Christmas break coming up where I’m going to have much *gulp* free time to *gulp* worry about what’s being found *gulp* wrong.

I know for sure that working on something else will help my… um… nervousness about Destiny’s story so over Christmas break, I hope to do a lot of grunt work on Death’s Whistle. (Click here to read about it.) I think (I will double check again when I start working) that I’m over halfway done. I just need to finish up the last part and do some research on life in the military back then so that I can accurately write it. I honestly can’t wait to finish writing about Alex’s mischievous teenage years and bring Ricky into the fray. It’s gonna be soooooooo much fun.

Also, if you have Pinterest, click here to check out the board I made. I found some super cute Bella look-alikes and some interesting ASL pictures. It’s not big right now (only 27 pins) but it will be growing. Dat I promise. 😉

Anyways, that’s all for now. I hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving!


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