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When You Can’t Seem to Write

I’m sure everyone has had a least a little taste of what I’m talking about. That moment when you finally have time to write but then suddenly… you have no desire to write. You know what you want to write down, you know how the story is going to go from here, you know everything… except how to make yourself write.


I have had such days before. A lot. And here are some little tips I’ve learned along the way.

drinksFirst off, get something to drink. Drinking something always helps me for some reason. I don’t know why. A mocha, cold water, ice tea, chocolate milk… whatever it is that you like to drink, go get it and set it down in your writing area. For me, a nice, cold glass of water just wakes me up and gets me going.

Have a special writing spot. A place where you sit down and tell your brain “here, we write.” Some place where your brain knows that there is no getting out of writing. Limit distractions as much as possible. Is there a website you just can’t seem to stay away from? Shut off your web browser. Doesn’t work? Try something like RescueTime or SelfControl. If you still can’t seem to get it under control, maybe try writing in a notebook. (I know, so old fashioned… yet very stress relieving.) However, if it’s a book that’s distracting you, one by a good author… well, just give up and go finish the book already. It’s not going to leave you alone.

And peopledon’t slouch! Slouching is basically telling your brain “hey up there! Don’t push it, we’re just relaxing here. Take your time with this scene here.” Not exactly what you want when you’re trying to be productive.

GirlWritingNotebookWriting is about inspiration, but it’s also about actually doing it.  After all, inspiration is diddly-squat without you acting on it. My dad taught me this when I was having serious writer’s block on Out of the Shadows. He doesn’t write, but he does create and maintain apps, so he knows a thing or two about inspiration and creativity. And guess what? Once I started writing whether I felt like it or not, things were starting to happen! You can always edit what you have written, but you can’t do anything with nothing.

Write as consistently as you can.  This was another thing I Learned while writing Out of the Shadows. (It was the first “long” story I’d written so I learned a lot from it.) I found that when I wrote consistently (not always at the same time or for the same length of time, but at least once a day), my brain kicked in when I sat down at my computer and my muse started to wake up at the same time I did. This isn’t to say that I didn’t get any more random bursts of inspiration or have writer’s block when I sat down to write. My random bursts of inspiration stayed the same while my writer’s block trickle down to not all that much. Don’t give up too easily, guys. Stick with it and make it work.

lifeistoughWork on one story at a time. This is one that I don’t listen to. I should. I really should. But I have so many ideas that flash out of nowhere and then I just have to write them down. However because of this, I rarely do any planning, and I have a ton of half-finished stories lying around everywhere. You guys want me to let you in on a little secret? Don’t tell your mom, but when us humans multitask… We aren’t running at full efficiency. I mean, sure. You can do it and get good at it, but you’ll never be at your peak when multitasking. Writing multiple stories at once? Multitasking.

Above all, don’t give up!! Humans are good at learning. Which is usually a good thing. But we can also learn bad things too, like say…taking the easy way out or quitting prematurely. When you do such things, it’s going to be easier the next time and even easier the time after that and even easier the time after that. If you give up, you’re cheating yourself out of your full potential. Don’t give up, Meitner Freund.

Thank you for stopping by, everyone. Watch out for wooden nickels, eh?



10 thoughts on “When You Can’t Seem to Write”

        1. Oooh. I hate those kinds of places. I’m currently at a spot like that myself, except it’s already finished but I need a way to bump up the word count a bit. -_-


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