Blue Sky Tag!

I was nominated by Tessa Megan at Writer’s Ink for the Blue Sky Tag. Thank you, Tessa!


T H E   R U L E S

  1. Thank the person who tagged you
  2. Answer their 11 questions
  3. Tag 11 people
  4. Give them 11 questions to answer

T E S S A ‘ S   Q U E S T I O N S

(1) Do yo have any imaginary friends?

*Cough* Um, no. Of course not. Why do you ask?

Shhh! Be quiet, Sasha!

(2) Have you ever been to the beach or would like to go?

I have been to the beach. I do not like the beach. I like the ocean, but, ya know, sand… everywhere…all the time…never leaving… it’s enough to make a girl go… insane!

(3) Have you ever entered a writing contest?

I have! I have occasionally won too. Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! But mostly… mostly not as when I was entering I was still, um, young and, uh, learning how to write good fiction. (Okay, I’m still learning how to write good fiction. But I’ve grown a ton.)

(4) If possible would you go into writing as a career or will it just be a hobby for you?

I would definitely go into a career with it if I had the opportunity. Right now, I don’t think it would be practical for me to do full-time writing because… yeah. I want to go to college, and college debts and… costly dreams… Unless I write a New York Times Bestseller with my debut novel, I don’t think I’ll go full time until I have a couple books published.

(5) Do you like to sing?

The question you should be asking is… do others like me singing? Well… that… that’s debatable.

(6) Do you listen to music while you write?

Depends on the mood I want to be in and how hard I need to concentrate on it.

(7) What book(s) have you recently read?

Things We Could Not Say by Diet Emman. It’s about a resistance group in the Netherlands during the Nazi occupation. I don’t know why, but these kinds of books interest me greatly. She also included different journal entries and letters from her fiancee and her explaining different things that they did and such.

And then I’m working on The Race for Paris by Meg Waite Clayton. It’s about female reporters who are trying to get their stories out during World War Two, after D-Day, but all the challenges they faced since they were women. I’m only a couple chapters in but it’s super interesting!

(8) Do you like country music?

Ehh… A little. A song here or there. Overall? No. Just not my thing.

(9) What’s your favorite movie?

I like The Finest Hours, but 13 Hours was pretty great too. And so was Rogue One and Beyond. And I can’t forget about Second Chances or The Martian. Or Pure Luck.

(10) Have you read A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierley or heard of it?

Never heard of it, but I’ll look it up. 🙂

(11) Do you watch or read the news?

Not really, but I’m trying to change that.


M Y   N O M I N A T I O N S

Aul @ The Golden Lands



M Y   Q U E S T I O N S 

  1. What’s your favorite writing style?
  2. Who’s your favorite author?
  3. What’s your favorite time of the day to write?
  4. Where do you like to write the most?
  5. Are you a planner or a pantzier?
  6. What are your go-to snack foods for a writing streak?
  7. What’s your favorite style of music for writing?
  8. Outlines: yea or nay?
  9. Do you ever kill of characters?
  10. What’s the hardest thing about writing?
  11. Why do you write?


Hey thanks for reading guys! You are awesome! Watch out for wooden nickles.


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