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A: Announcement

Hey, guys!

I have a quick, but hopefully fun, announcement to make. And yes, the only reason I’m saying “announcement” is because it starts with A and therefore can be counted as the A post. The amazing announcement is this: I’m doing A to Z this year! I don’t know if any of you have heard of it, but the basic gist is to post one post every day of the month of April (except Sundays) using all the letters of the alphabet. So I’m going to be breaking my usual posting pattern this month. I hope you all enjoy it!

Thanks for reading! Watch out for wooden nickels!



Jaylee Morgan is a teenage author with her sights set on publishing. She’s written short stories since–uh… um–before she can remember. Her family isn’t quite sure what to do with her (mental hospital, maybe?), as she carries around a folder that she’ll randomly open and start scribbling in. She grew up (er, is still growing up) on a little hobby farm. She was basically born riding horses and hopefully will continue to ride horses for the rest of her life. She loves, loves, loves the cowboy lifestyle and might actually write about it someday. (Right now, she’s too scared that she won’t do it justice.) She reads. Like crazy.

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