A to Z 2017, Writer's Problems

D: Deadlines

Today’s letter is D, and the topic is deadlines. Eeek! Something that everyone just loves. Yeah right. But the fact of the matter is… there are way more funny memes for deadlines than there are for my ex-topic: determinism. I was trying to think of D theme and concluded that determinism would be a better, more inspiring topic, but that deadlines were funnier.


Have I proven my point? Thank you. *bows*

However much we hate deadlines…  some people (including me) work better under deadlines. I think I might have touched on it slightly in one of my other posts, but here I want to touch on it a bit more.

They force us to get things done.

^Thank you for that, Captain Sparrow.^

How many times have you been about to sit down on the couch and flip on an episode of Stargate Atlantis (or whatever your favorite show is) but then remembered that due date for that essay? Hmm? Yeah. And what do you do? You either: a) get up and work on it because you remember the tragedy that happened last time you crammed or b) forget about the tragedy that happened last time and watch the amazing Stargate episode anyways. And a Jack Sparrow moment happens. (Not that I’m speaking from experience, of course. No, I’m always on time and perfectly ready for each and every… okay, yeah, I’m not fooling anyone here.)

But no matter if you watch the episode or not… the fact remains that you still have to get that paper in. And the fact that you have to have it in… well, it makes your (my brain, at least) brain work. And my brain cranks out words and, if there are words, then I can edit. If I can edit, I can have something in by the deadline.

They make us prioritize things.

Ever looked at all the things you had to get done, then quickly go for the easiest (and least important) ones first? Yup. Me too.

Not with deadlines around. With deadlines, you know what you have to do and when you have to get it done by. You have a drive to get it done (or an automatic F on your essay! Eek!) and to get it done on time. And, I’ve found in my life, that once I start to prioritize with one task, I start to prioritize with two tasks. And thus it grew. Now I’m not an expert at it, but I am better. And trust me. I’m seeing the benefits in my writing. I have time to write. I don’t have to hurry through writing or write way late at night… I can write when I need to.

They have great gifs.

Okay… yeah, sorry. You’ve probably seen enough gifs that you want to shoot me. But… gifs, people, GIFS!






Well, that’s all for today, guys. As always, thanks for reading! I hope to see you around for tomorrow’s post. As always, watch out for wooden nickels!

12 thoughts on “D: Deadlines”

  1. Ugh!!! Deadlines! *runs away from the giant calendar*

    I absolutely LOATHE deadlines! However, I do agree that they are necessary, and this was actually a PERFECT post for those participating in Camp NaNoWriMo! I’ve currently got a deadline of April 30th to get 60 hours done on my current WIP, but my MAIN goal is to get my first draft wrapped up and polished slightly.

    But homework assignment deadlines are honestly the worst… They make me feel all queasy. Good thing I’m on Spring Break, haha! YAY!

    Loved today’s post! And all the GIF’s! Keep up the amazing work, dear bean!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, yes. I don’t LOATHE them, but that doesn’t mean I like them either. Good luck on your story! I hope you are satisfied with it at the end of April! Yay! Spring Break! Lol. Yes! *fist pump* The gifs are liked!

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  2. Deadlines actually make me get less done unless they’re completely mandatory (schoolwork and such, although even then…). They increase my anxiety to the point that I procrastinate even more. D: I recently had to back out of a project because the deadlines, although completely reasonable, were making me avoid doing any work at all. Mostly I try to keep them to a minimum, only choosing optional ones like calls for anthologies.
    I’ve come up with a different system that involves a visible list of things to work on (writing, housework, etc.) arranged by priority and tracking how much time I spend being productive. It sort of works for me. Better than deadlines and to-do lists at any rate.

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    1. You are the first person I’ve heard who’s said this. I guess i never thought of deadlines creating too much anxiety. Thanks for pointing that out! 😀 Hm, your system sounds pretty interesting! Hey, whatever works, right? 😉

      Thanks for stopping by! (And sorry it took so long for me to reply. I kinda got a little overflowed.)

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      1. Hah no worries I’m getting a little overwhelmed myself and I don’t even get that many comments.

        I seem to be the odd one out for sure. I actually want to make a gameified productivity app based on my system. I think it would be helpful to people who have a lot of trouble focusing or sticking with things, who might not do well with the apps like habitica that are based on to-do lists and habit forming. (I get moderate to severe depression cyclically and am beginning to think I have mild ADD, so consistent daily habits are pretty much a no go for me. I’ve tried.) If only I can focus long enough and maintain my enthusiasm… xD

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  3. Yes, I find I do better with deadlines. Mind you, I’ve missed out on at least two anthologies I could have submitted to because I missed the deadlines, I did make myself finish the stories, though. So next time someone wants, say, a story about monsters of the Mediterranean, I have this great story to try on them…

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  4. I wrote about deadlines as well. I had originally wanted to have a discussion about description in memoir, but I had to write a fast post before bed and that’s what came out. It’ll do. Sometimes procrastinating means that you have to live with whatever you came up with, like it or not.
    That’ll teach me!

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