A to Z 2017

E: Enthusiasm


The red-haired kid is so cuuuute!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the E post! Today I’m going to do something a little bit different. Instead of you guys listening to me ramble on, I want to listen to you. One thing that I’ve found fascinating as I’ve explored the blogging world more and more is the different stories that everyone has to tell and that all of those stories are interesting and important.


Where do you get your enthusiasm for writing from? I’m assuming that most of you here are writers, but if you aren’t, then where do you get your passion for your hobby? What do you enjoy about it? What is one piece of advice that changed your view or actions with your writing/hobby?

Feel free to answer one question or all of them, or to just give a little story that you feel like sharing. 😀images.png

10 thoughts on “E: Enthusiasm”

  1. I get enthusiasm for writing from picture/quote prompts (like the ones on your blog!), certain books, and story inspiration on Pinterest. Really, writing prompts of any kind are what inspire me!

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  2. My enthusiasm is totally random and spontaneous, which in the moment is great, but for long-term projects… not so much. 😛 My true passion (which I hope to make more than a hobby) is art, like drawing and painting. What inspires me is totally random. It can be a writing prompt like the soldier at the piano, or something cool that I see, or just a sudden idea.

    Loved your post!!! 😀

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    1. My enthusiasm is spontaneous as well, for both writing and painting.
      I love brainstorming and coming up with new ideas, but I have a hard time focusing long enough and often enough to finish long term projects.

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  3. Let’s see… My enthusiasm for writing comes from…well…I really don’t know. I just sort of AM. Writing is my passion, and to be a published author, to go into a Barnes and Noble and see my story on the shelf, is my dream.

    But that’s not what drives me to write. Fame and popularity and money and all that stuff doesn’t matter to me. I mean, sometimes I let my head get full of all of that, and then I have to take a step back and remember who I am, but what really drives me is my passion for writing good, CLEAN stories. The kinds of stories that are really rare these days.

    But, honestly, my main motivator, my key support, and the source of my enthusiasm in EVERYTHING is God. He’s my constant motivator, and He’s the one who has given me this gift or talent or whatever you want to call it for writing. And so, whenever I put the pen to the page or my fingers to the keys, it’s for Him. 🙂

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    1. I am soooo behind on answering comments. Sowwy!

      That is awesome that God is your main motivator. I love your passion as well! I agree, clean stories are so hard to find! I seriously can’t wait to see your stories on Barnes and Noble bookshelves either. 😉

      Thanks for commenting and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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      1. Awwww!!!! This comment just made my day, haha!

        Aren’t they, though? It’s so disappointing to never be able to carelessly pick up a book without having to do EXTENSIVE research, but alas. Thus is the life I lead. 🙂

        Awwww!! Trust me, it’s going to a LOOOONG time until I get published (that is, if I DO get published 😛 ), but I’m hoping that it happens someday!!

        I hope your day is wonderful, as well!


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