A to Z 2017

M: Missed– My Excuses for Thursday and Friday. And Star Trek. And Hot Air Balloons.

Okay, so yeah. I’ve missed a couple letters. *hangs head in shame*

Fortunately, though, I have great excuses! *waits for applause*

Thursday and K— okay, I’mma admit it. I’m not quite sure what happened there. One minute I was working on Driver’s Ed and my Camp NaNo story… the next I was waking up on Friday. The day just magically flew past. It was a– um– (*thinks of great excuse*) Someone time traveled me! Probably Kirk or Archer, since they seem to be the ones who do it the most. (Anyone besides me want a Star Trek series on the Department of Temporal Investigations?? *sighs dreamily* awesomeness–)

Friday and L— well, yesterday was much more interesting. I was working on Driver’s Ed, and my Camp NaNo story (and I should have learned my lesson from yesterday and just done my A to Z first… but obviously I didn’t) until I went out with a great friend at noon. I was going to work on my story when I got back– but I was informed that it was a great day to work on my Grandfather’s lawn (he pays my sister and I to work on it) and so we headed over there. HOWEVER, as soon as *smiles proudly* I drove over there (with Mom in the passenger seat, of course), my aviationly father called and informed us that his flight instructor informed him that it was a wonderful day for a first flight and he needed his chase crew! Chase crew, you’re asking yourself (unless you already know this– in that case kudos), why would an airplane need a chase crew? HOW DOES THE CHASE CREW KEEP UP??

Through blood, sweat and determinism, that’s how.

Haha, okay. No. My dad is training to be a hot air balloon pilot. (I’m serious. I’m also serious when I say I’m thinking about being a pilot as well…) And well, hot air balloons, as I’m sure most of you know, can’t be steered. You can use the winds to go different directions (which is super cool the way that works) but… ya know, that’s kinda it.

Sooooo *drum roll*  chase crew! Which consists of my mom, my three younger sisters, and yours truly. So we explained to Grandpa (who wasn’t that bummed out because he wanted to see his son fly too) and *bows* I drove us home. Once home, we grabbed gloves and all the extra stuff we needed, threw it in the trailer, and rushed off to the park where we started off.

Okay, I’m going to stop here for a moment and say– if you’ve never seen a balloon inflate, your life is not complete. (Considering that I’ve only seen it three times, I’m might be slightly biased by the newness of it but–) Find the local ballooning club in your area and join a chase crew just so you can see the balloon inflate once. (Then you will be completely hooked to the sport and will never be able to leave until you have your ballooning pilot licenses and– yeah, are hooked for life.) I’m also going to say something completely biased and say: OUR BALLOON IS AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!

*takes a deep, emotional breath*

Okay, sorry guys. I’ll stop… yeah, I’ll stop whatever that was up there and get back to the story. Sorry, sorry.

We inflated the balloon, learned how everything works (Dad’s first flight, our first time crewing, lol) and then with Daddy up, we all raced nervously to the truck and– I did not drive. Lol. Mom got to drive. Which was probably a good thing. But I got to be navigator and radio! Anyways, we followed him in that great, big, beautiful balloon for an hour and twenty minutes as we panicked as the balloon carried from in sight to out of sight, glared at the map, whimpered at the placements of the road, agonized over the direction of the wind and then–rejoiced as we were actually right where we needed to be when they were ready to land! (I say it’s me and my amazing navigator skills.    No, it was Mom and her familiarity with the area. It was both of us.)

We helped tear down and then we went out to Applebees to celebrate! Whoot whoot! And then… when we got home… ice cream! (Which was awesome. And it was also not like we were completely stuffed an hour ago when we ate at Applebees. No. It was completely healthy for us to eat those ice creams.) After that, we had to check cows and that stuff which got us done at like 11:45ish P.M. After which we watched a Designated Survivor– because we had to see what happened and drowsiness could not stand against us!

And then we went to bed because we were too exhausted to watch a second one.

See? I told you I had great excuses!

However, I will try to get my posts up right away over the rest of the month so that… um… this doesn’t happen again.

P.S. I’ll post pictures of our amazing balloon later. As soon as I copy them over from my mom’s phone.


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