A to Z 2017

O: Older

How many of you have noticed that as you get older, your stories tend to change?

For example, when I was really little, my stories were about princesses and their one true loves. Then I got a bit older and I wrote about horses. Those stories were terrible and thankfully none of them still exist. Then I wrote about Whitney, a gang girl in a collapsing country as she tries to find a reason for life and… just plain survive.

And then I waffled through a ton of short stories (some are terrible and should be destoryed and some are actually, surprisingly, not that bad) before finally arriving at where I am now. Now I’m writing two seperate stories: one about a girl with hearing loss and another about a guy in the 1940s experiencing Pearl Harbor first hand. It makes me wonder how my writing is going to grow with and after these stories. It seems like an adventure!

How has your writing grown as you’ve gotten older?


10 thoughts on “O: Older”

  1. When I was first writing, I wrote about my pets, then about dragons, chickens (#myawkwardwritingstage hahaha), and now, I periodically work on contemporary and historical pieces of fiction. It’s been years since I’ve written a full story.

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  2. I used to write horse stories! And dog stories. And cat stories. And dolphin stories. Basically, a lot of stories about animals. But I stopped when I was eleven and started writing cheesy college romances (which is funny because I knew nothing about college/romances) after which I decided to write about an orphan discovering about her mother through a mysterious trunk … yeah … I think I’ve progressed a lot. 😛

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  3. When I was 13, I started doing some writing, like keeping a travel journal and just trying to write a story with a friend, now I looked at what wrote back then and saw how my writing had improved.

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