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Quite a Collection of Quotictures About Quietness

Okay, I have NO idea if Quotictures is a word. Okay. Nope. There’s a red squiggly line. Peoples, let me introduce you to a new word.

Quoticture (n) – A quote that is either is or is part of a picture.

There we go. Okay, anyways, I thought it for like Q I would do quotes. But… ya know. Q — Quotes. That’s kinda popular. Okay, okay, what other Q words are there? Quincy — don’t know anyone by that name. Quite– yay! Let’s write a post about Quite! Not. Quiet? That would go along with Listening to Destiny. Oh hey, look! Cool YouTube song!

Yeah, I’m easily distracted. Lol.

Anyways, I put in all the Q’s. Quite, Quoticture, and Quiet. So, without further ado, and without confusing you more, I give you the highlight quotictures from my Pinterest board for Listening to Destiny.

Very important note– none of these pictures are mine. I don’t know whose they are, but all were found on Pinterest.

Isn’t it so gorgeous? I can’t get over it. I love ASL art. Obviously, Destiny does too. 🙂
I do this so many times. And then it turns out to be a question and people just look at me weird. Lol.
“Sunrise” in ASL. Cool or what?



































“I love you” in ASL. I have no words.


“Friend” in ASL.



I hope all enjoyed the quotictures!



Jaylee Morgan is a teenage author with her sights set on publishing. She’s written short stories since–uh… um–before she can remember. Her family isn’t quite sure what to do with her (mental hospital, maybe?), as she carries around a folder that she’ll randomly open and start scribbling in. She grew up (er, is still growing up) on a little hobby farm. She was basically born riding horses and hopefully will continue to ride horses for the rest of her life. She loves, loves, loves the cowboy lifestyle and might actually write about it someday. (Right now, she’s too scared that she won’t do it justice.) She reads. Like crazy.

5 thoughts on “Quite a Collection of Quotictures About Quietness

  1. Aww I loved all of these! ASL is so amazing, and I had no idea that ASL art existed until now 😍 I recognized all the different signs used! Thanks for sharing! (And quotictures is now a word. Love it!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you liked them! I know! I didn’t realize it existed either until I started research for Listening to Destiny but it is soooo cool and has quickly taken over as one of my favorite forms of art. 🙂 Congrats on recognizing them! And on learning a new word. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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