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Summer Time Is Here!

My school is out! Yay! Joy to the world! Sorrow!

Okay, I’m not going to miss my Biology quizzes, but I will miss my textbook. I won’t miss the last day before submitting an essay, but I will miss the research. I shall not miss– um, yeah, okay, I liked everything about Anthropology. I shall not miss the business and lack of time, but I shall miss the learning! Annnnnd the structured schedule. And my professors. Annnnd my group mates.

Okay, okay. The truth has come out. *sniffles* I like school. I shall miss thee, school! Farewell, my treasured friend! Until this fall when we meet again!

Annnnnnd I’m terrible at old English. Eek.

However, in the absence of school work, I will have plenty of time to work on my stories. Or so I think. Because I also have… plenty of other things to take up my time to. Lol.

Listening to Destiny

Okay, for this story… I have a lot of work. I have an idea that might make the story better… I need to run it past my editor/beta readers and see what they think of it. If I go through with it… it’s going to be a huge change that will definitely take a lot of time. On the other hand, I’m posting the current rough draft chapter by chapter on Scrib if any of you lovely people would like to take a peek at it. Since I am NOT a premium member, I can only have two chapters at a time… *sighs sadly*. (Click here to go to my Scrib profile.)

Death’s Whistle

This story definitely needs some help. I haven’t even finished it yet. Sooo. Yeah, finish Death’s Whistle and hopefully, editing will start next year. Don’t worry, Alex! I haven’t forgotten about you! Or you, Sarah Jane. No, not you either, Billy. Ricky? Who are you?

Idea #1

I have this super cool idea for a story. I’m not going to say anything more than that because if I do, I might not have the idea anymore tomorrow. -_- #writersproblems. But I want to write it! It would be cool! It would be awesome! It would be another draft that I’m going to be sobbing over later! See? Awesomeness!

Idea #2

I have this other cool idea… which would be kinda pushing it… working on FOUR stories at once. But… but… THE IDEA!!!! It’s amazing! It would be fantastic!

Idea #3

Umm… I uh… I might want to focus on the first four. Maybe write it down in my journal and I’ll come work on it later.

Idea #4

Okay… Ideas, you can really stop coming now. I can’t do all of this in one summer.

Idea #5

*suspicious glare* where did you come from?

Idea #6

*runs away screaming*


P.S. This month is National Foster Care Month. So with each post of mine, (not including Prompt Friday), I’ll have a foster care/ adoption quote.


11 thoughts on “Summer Time Is Here!”

  1. Yay! Or … well, I suppose you LIKE school, so I should be like, “I’m so sorry … *hugs*” But really, I’m a bit jealous. I got another week or so of school. Granted, I finished math, but still …


  2. I related to this post SO MUCH. I have about a gazillion new ideas swarming around in my head, and my current WIP (a second draft, BLECH!) is just sort of stating at me wondering what in the world I’m doing chasing after plot bunnies. (BUT THE IDEAS ARE SO SHINY……)

    Also! Congrats on getting out of school! I get out on the 26th, but I shall not have school next fall, because I’m *initiate dark and evil deep voice* GRADUATING. (Duhn duhn DUHN!) I’m gonna miss school…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know, right?? I want to chase after the shiny new ideas, but it’s like I’m chained to everlost. Which is sort of nice, because I’m actually FINISHING a story, but…it’s hard…

        High school! And I’m not currently planning on college, as my dream is to be an author, and I don’t think college can really teach me to create stories and worlds in my head… Although, if I decide in the future that there is something college could teach me in the future, I’m open to taking classes!

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Possibly! It is something I’ve considered, but I’m not exactly sure where I’ll be headed. I just know what my dream is, and that I’m going to follow it with all of my heart. XD (and probably fail in the process XD )

            Liked by 1 person

          2. *wonders whether ‘(completely serious)’ is sarcasm or not* 😂😂😂

            Awwww! Your complete faith in me is so innocent, and so, SO wrong… HAHAHAHAHA!!! 😂😂😂


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