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Making Time for Writing

Making time for writing… that might very well be the hardest part of being a writer. For me, it’s hard to make time simply because so much other stuff is going on around me. Just like the photo, lol. More than that, I also have other things, non-writing things, that take up a lot of my time. With all that going on in my life (and I’m sure your life too… unless I’m the only busy person in the world…), how is anyone supposed to get “non-urgent” things like writing done?

Make it urgent!

Well, okay, um.. first check out the things that are distracting you and make sure that they aren’t really more urgent. Because nothing would be worse than missing college scholarships because you listened to my advice and made writing more urgent than that. However, if it can be made urgent… you need to do so if you want it to clamber up on the top of your to-do list.

Schedule time.

And schedule times. If your day is taken up by other things… you must force your way into writing. Carve out a chunk on the calendar and guard it with your life. But if you don’t get it up there in that block of time… something or someone else will take it! (I know from PLENTY of experience!)

Don’t be shy with taking time for yourself and something you find important. Maybe someone else thinks that writing isn’t that important or that it shouldn’t take such a priority in your life. “It’s only a hobby,” they might say. But it’s your life and your writing project.

Have a goal.

Goals give us hapless humans something to strive for and to work for. Without goals… well… who knows where we’d be? Whether you know it or not, you already have a goal. You had a goal from the instant you started writing. But now you need to make your goal concrete. Write it down. Write it out. Add deadlines if they work for you. Get an accountibility partner. Find some way to keep yourself motivated. 😉

My current game plan/deadlines for Listening to Destiny.

Now do it!

Set up rewards, grab your keyboard/notebook/whatever and start writing! The future waits for no (wo)man!


How do you make time for writing?


P.S. This month is National Foster Care Month. So with each post of mine, (not including Prompt Friday), I’ll have a foster care/ adoption quote.


9 thoughts on “Making Time for Writing”

  1. Great tips, Jaylee! I’ve been trying to figure out how to juggle writing with the rest of life, so this has definitely helped me a lot. The thing that helps me the most with writing is to prioritize and keep everything in order – if I know what I need to work on next, it’s easier for me to keep going than if I have to figure it out the moment I sit down to write, aha!

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  2. Yeeeeessssssss! My schedule is so super busy, and it just seems like there is absolutely NO TIME for writing.

    Which is lame.

    And I’ve tried so many times to make a goal tracker for my writing, but it always just…fails? I use it for like two days, and then I forget to update it, and then I start procrastinating again, haha! XD OOPS!

    But I loved this post! I’m going to see if I can’t make a smol calendar and put my writing schedule on that…

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    1. Hehe. I know what’cha mean! It’s so hard to make time for anything!

      Haha. I love goal trackers because I love seeing progress, but hey! If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. 😉

      *crosses fingers* good luck with your calendar! I hope it works for you. 😀

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      1. It really is!

        I do love goal trackers, but I can never keep them up to date. It is a curse I have been afflicted with. XD

        Aww, thank you! I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to make it, but it should be fun! XD


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