The Candy Book Tag

Hey, guys!

Phoenixdarkscales from God is Awesome and at Work nominated me for the Candy Book Tag! I’ve seen it around and always thought it looked like fun, but now I get the chance to do it!

Anyways. Getting started.

Sounds cool, right?


Dogsong by Gary Paulson. I’ve heard a ton of great things about it, and then I picked it up and was completely lost.

Um… well… I have, uh, several.

  • The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom by Christopher Healy. *squeals*
  • Lies Young Women Believe by Nancy DeMoss, Erin Davis, and Danna Gresh
  • Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris

Ew. I hate those things. Black jelly beans. *shudders*

My black jelly bean books are:

  • Annabel Lee by Mike Nappa
  • All the Shakespeares (I’m so sorry Shakespeare fans)
  • Books with no purpose

Um… I don’t really read romance?? So… er… maybe the little side romance of The Raven? I loved watching The Raven, Marv L. Deasy, whichever of his names you go by, crush on Trudi was so cute.

Ermm, I really don’t read horror that much… so the scariest horror I’ve read was Monster by Frank Peretti which is labeled “gentle horror”. It gave me just enough chills that I’ve been putting off reading This Present Darkness for the past two years. Hehe. *glances warily over shoulder*

King’s Folly and King’s Blood. The fact that they are 500+ pages might help with how long it takes me, but it’s also this roller coaster for each of them. “Ugggghhhh, this book is so boring…! NO WAY THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN WHATHAPPENSNEXT?? Errrrrgh, do I have to finish it?? Only two hundred pages left. Fiiine. WHAT??? NO!! YOU CAN”T END THERE!!! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT??? I NEED THE NEXT BOOKKKK!!

The first series of 39 Clues. The one where they’re actually looking for the clues. 😉 And Narnia. And Robin Hood. And Winne the Horse Gentler. And Keystone Stables. And Black Beauty. And… you know… all the rest of those amazing books.


My Nominations!

Maggie from Dreaming of Guatemala

Smudged Thoughts

5 thoughts on “The Candy Book Tag”

  1. Oh my word, thank you for the nomination!!!! I’m super excited to do this!!!! Your answers were so much fun to read, as well! I’ve never read The Raven, but I think I’m gonna put it on my TBR now… It sounds really good!

    Also, are the graphics supposed to be put onto the blog post when we do the tag, or are these graphics you made yourself?

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