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How to Keep on Track With School

School started up for me and for a lot of you too, I’m sure. Whether you love it or hate it, there’s not getting around it. It’s tricky, keeping everything else on track while working on school. Some of you may find that it’s easier to do anything when school’s around because it puts a schedule in your life. Others of you find it harder because school takes up your life. Either way, here are some tips to keep writing while doing school.

calendar-graphicSchedule a time. Yup, you heard me. Schedules. I know, I know. Schedules are evil, fanged monsters who belong on horror shows. But the truth is… if you use your schedule right, you can tame the evil, fanged monster into your loyal friend and protector. It’s all how you use it. Now obviously, you have to make sure your homework gets done. Your math teacher is not going to take it nicely when you explain that math homework couldn’t be done because you were busy writing the next New York Times Bestseller. When that’s done, and you’ve adequately fueled your body with food (authors frequently forget about that when writing), then you can write. And hopefully, that stuff didn’t cut into your scheduled writing time.

Mobile Objects. iPads, iPods, iPhones, anything Android or Windows. Laptops, notebooks, binders. The only way to get every little second you can with writing is to literally take it with you. NOTE: if you do said thing, make sure to have a backup!! Anyways, I have a folder with notebook paper in it. Whenever I have a spare moment or a new idea, I can pop it open and start a-writing! If the folder starts to get a little too full, I have a binder I keep upstairs that I can empty written up pages into. I’ve also loaded the last chapter of my stories onto Google Docs (I typically write in Scrivener, but it’s easier to share cross-platform with Google than Scrivener) so that when I can’t access my computer, I can grab the iPad with a keyboard and set down for writing.

keep_calm_and_write_on_tshirtLunch break. When in a lunch break, cram the food in your mouth as fast as you possibly can and then spend the rest of your time writing. No one’s gonna care. At least, not when you’re a famous author, and they’re still stuck goofing off in the cafeteria.

Study Hall. Get all your homework done there so that as soon as you get home, you can write! Yay!

But… but… but what if you’re homeschooled (as I am) and don’t have all these fancy public school things like… study hall and classes where you don’t have to pay attention to the teacher and can write through? *cue twinge of jealousy*

Well, my friends… what can I say? You’re homeschooled! All you gotta do is either A) ask your teacher (aka Mom) if you can write a novel for creative writing class and at the end of the year, she can grade you and such, B) find a creative writing course that will let you do assignments that you can translate over to your novel, or C) be a trooper and create your own course, complete with short story competitions to enter, assignment due dates and of course, everything linking back to your novel… that way you get credit for creative writing and creating a course! It’s a win-win all around! Eh?

I hope something in that crazy post helps y’all out. Have a great day, guys, thanks for reading!


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