My British Bear by Dawn Dagger + Giveaway!

Hey, guys! I’m part of another blog tour, this time for Dawn Dagger! She is self-publishing her book, My British Bear, on the first.

Before we learn about her book, I thought it would be cool to have a quick little interview with her. I always think it’s fun to get to know an author of a book I enjoy!

Dawn Dagger has had a passion for reading and writing ever since she could remember. When she was six she drew and wrote her very own book, and though it hardly makes sense now, she was so proud. She has written many books, short stories, and poems since then, and continues to do so. Dawn placed highly in her two middle school years of Power of the Pen and even has her short story ‘The Haunting’ published in an anthology.

She admits she isn’t good at anything physical (except some ballroom dancing), or video games, but she does enjoy a nice game of Mario Kart, a trip fishing, or just a walk in the woods. She has a knack for taking pictures of whatever catches her eye; especially brightly colored flowers. Dawn is a sucker for a good fantasy book, lives off of coffee, and loves her wonderful family and friends, and her dedicated boyfriend, Nevin, who is just like a romance novel character.

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The interview!

What do you like most about writing?

Looking back and realizing that I created an entire world and not even knowing it until I was done.


What are your hobbies besides writing?

Photography, refashioning clothing, cosplay, animating, Color Guard, drawing, and making videos.


What is your dream job?

Being a full-time author.

As a full-time author, where would you live? Or would you travel?

I most likely am going to live in either Texas or on the East Coast with my boyfriend. I want to travel through the state’s and abroad; Paris, London, Scotland, New Zealand.

What are the highs of self-publishing?
You don’t have to wait around for an agent to do the work for you, you get complete say in what happens to your book, and you never have to change anything.

What are the lows of self-publishing?

All the work. Heh. You have to create your own formatting, your own covers, advertise by yourself, get it out there. You’re constantly struggling to show you are worth reading.

Now about the story…

After two months of hell living with her uncle, Maria is ready to give up. She’s already lost everything, and has no one to hold on to. Stuck in a small town where she knows not a single person, and physically abused by her uncle, she sees no hope. The only respite she gets from the hits on all sides is the small coffee shop down the road.

After an unlikely accident resulting in meeting a backwards British kid who is too polite and awkward for his own good, Maria starts to see a light in the darkness, but she’s also afraid of it.

She has her heart broken before, a hundred times in a hundred ways, and she doesn’t know if she’s ready to love, ready to let go, or even ready to face the reality of things. She doesn’t know if she’s ready to open up again and be happy.
She doesn’t know if she’s ready to live.

Pick it up. Read it. Enjoy it. In that order. (Well, maybe you can enjoy it before you read it too.) My British Bear is a cute tale of loss, love, and healing. It’s an easy read with a good ending, perfect for dreary days when you need a pick-me-up.

I hope you read it and enjoy it as much as I did!

What you’ve all been waiting for…

The giveaway! If you’re interested in a free copy of My British Bear, comment! The winner(s) will be chosen from the comments and notified ASAP. So don’t be shy! Step right up and… who knows? Maybe you’ll be the lucky winner!


7 thoughts on “My British Bear by Dawn Dagger + Giveaway!”

  1. I’m probably far too late to enter the giveaway (I’m not sure when it ended???) but I definitely want to read this story!!! It sounds so amazing, and I’m a sucker for anything British…

    I MUST FIND THIS BOOK! *realizes that it’s already the first* *excitement intensifies*

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