NaNo has Begun!

How many of you are participating in NaNo?

Well then… you’d understand if I quit this post right here and now and went off to write, eh?


But hey, those of you who are doing NaNo… tell me about your project! Now that we’re… 17 hours and 49 minutes into it, have you chosen your story? Did you plan? Are you winging it? Are you excited to start or can you feel your heart sinking?

I wanna hear from you!

How is it going?


2 thoughts on “NaNo has Begun!”

  1. Hey Jaylee! I decided at the last minute (literally yesterday evening) that I would try my hand at NaNoWriMo this year. When an awesome idea for a story suddenly came to me, I knew I had to try! I’ve written just over 2k words so far. I’m tempted to keep working on it, but as I’ve already seen throughout the course of the day, I write best in the mornings and work best on ideas/outlining in the evenings. lol How is your story coming along?

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