BOOK REVIEW: Second-Chance Dogs

The cover for the book. You can find it at Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and of course, Revell Publishing’s website.

Well hello there! It’s been a long time since I’ve written a review, hasn’t it? Have no fear– I’m currently pet sitting with plenty of time on my hands and hopefully I’ll be able to get all three of the books I brought along reviewed! (Although none of them are fiction, but whatever.)

This review is going to be a little bit different. Since I am a, well, English major and a major wanna-be writer, I thought it would be helpful to review books in order for me, and those who read my posts, to learn from them. Because of that, my reviews are going to tend to focus on two aspects: my rating of the book/why I came to that rating and then a more learning based approach–what did they do amazing that I really loved? What did I think they could do without? What made it strong? What was a weak point? That sort of thing. But like I said, this one is going to be different.



Big dogs, little dogs, in between dogs. Black dogs, white dogs, pink and purple who am I kidding? There were no pink and purple dogs. Pink and purple dogs would stick with the plan.

Dogs never stick with the plan. It’s all their fault. It’s always their fault. If anything is exploding, on fire, broken, or out of schedule, blame the dogs. Therefore, the blame doesn’t get shifted to the rightful owner of–me.

Second-Chance Dogs: True Stories of the Dogs We Rescue and the Dogs Who Rescue, edited by Callie Smith Grant, is a collection of 36 stories by multiple different authors about dogs that they had, many that have been rescued and about how their owners lives were changed or saved because of those dogs.

There are all kinds of stories, all about dogs. There’s a story about smuggling dogs home after war, a story about the only real dog in the world, a story about the dog who only pointed once, a story about a guardian dog, about energetic dogs, life-giving dogs.

I had no favorites. They were all really good, and best of all, true. They all involved dogs and they were all heartwarming. I do have to warn you though. If you only like reading sci-fi or horror/thriller, you may not be fasinated with this book.

I do have to mention one story by name, being, ya know, hard of hearing and also an ASL lover, it’s my duty. “Two Rotties and a Toddler” (page 81) almost made me cry, watching the little girl make that connection between sign language and communication. The picture in my brain of two Rottweilers listening to this little special needs girl absolutely melted my heart, just like it will melt yours when you read it.

Becaue y’all are going to read the book. Even if you don’t like reading (first off, this post requires reading AND it says book review at the top so good luck explaining that to me) or don’t think that you have time for another book (they are all short stories, just read one a day for your daily dose of happy), you will read it. I command you to.

Also, just a heads up, Revell Publishers sent me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. The views expressed here are totally and completely my own. Y’all are laughing at my total lack of legalese there, but hey, you get the point.

That being said, my rating is this: 5 out of 5 stars.


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