Death’s Whistle

deathswhistle3Death’s Whistle is a story that I’ve had in the back of my mind for a long time, ever since I heard that you could hear banging inside the U.S.S Oklahoma for three days after Pearl Harbor. Even though they tried, they couldn’t get them out.

So, April 2016, in Camp Nano, I started to write the story down. And I got it mostly finished. And then I stared at it and realized how much I didn’t like it. And so I tore it apart and started writing it again. Then I scrapped it and started over with the first draft again. And then… and then I realized how close to publishing I was with Listening to Destiny and decided to focus on that story for this year. Oh, and Jaylee Grace was a typo. It’s supposed to say Jaylee Morgan.

Story plot:

Life has always been hard for Alex. But that’s only to be expected, growing up during the Great Depression and all. The Depression finally ends, Alex marries his sweetheart, and he thinks that life is finally looking up for him.

Boy, was he ever wrong.