How To Take Over The World: And Other Involuntary Jobs

This one will probably never be published unless somehow, I find an agent as goofy as me. And then the both of us have to find a publisher. Honestly, I’m not writing it for publishing, though, I’m writing it for me for fun.

The synopsis:

Have you ever been that kid that every likes? Everyone’s always talking to you, or laughing with you or fighting over who gets to sit by you. No? Well yeah, I suppose every school’s only got one. For my school, that’s me.

Somehow, I was cursed with the personality that just attracts everyone to me! Everything I say is law, everything I do is worth making a movie about and everything I wear is the hottest thing ever. (Ever wonder where the ripped jean fad came from? It’s a long story involving falling out of a tree, but it proves my point.) Thank goodness it’s a small, secluded town in remote West Virginia or I think I would have suffocated from all the people pressed around me by now.

But when the Evilest Guy In The World hears about me frm one of his not-as-evil evil croonies, he has the perfect plan in mind. (Ok, ok, so not perfect. Perfect for him. Not perfect for me. Or anyone else.) It’s up to me, Riley, and whoever else Jaylee adds into the story before completion to save the world from Evil Charlie’s grip.

Yeah… once I was asked what my favorite genre was to write it. I answered ‘Stupidness, no thanks to How To Take Over The World.