Listening to Destiny


Destiny Caldwell had everything a teenaged girl could want. She was popular, had great grades and a nice house in the good side of town. The world was literally at her fingertips.

But then one day, then unthinkable happened. She lost her hearing. With her hearing went her friends, her grades, her very reason for living. She was lost and alone and couldn’t find a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Her family moved and it only got worse. It would be impossible for her to ever be a person again, to ever be someone worthwhile.

Yet when the impossible happens once, it can happen again. A touching story of a girl who becomes deaf, the dog who helps her through it, and learning that people are never quite what they look like on the outside.

This book is my masterpiece, the book I’m hoping to publish soon. I’ve been editing, and re-editing, and rewriting, and adding to and such all summer long. I’m going to be sending it out to my beta readers very soon. Hopefully, I’ll get it published by the end of next year or so!

It’s gone through a couple titles. *Sheepish smile* It Was Like She Knew… then I tossed that out because it was too long. Deaf as Helen Keller… but then everyone kept thinking she was blind too. Then the awkward Destiny’s Story as I admitted that I had no title for it. Now, finally, I’ve chosen Listening to Destiny.

Title chosen! Thank you to everyone who helped me out. I’m taking Erika’s (author of Some Girls Like Dragonssuggestion: Listening to Destiny.