For those of you who are wondering, Uki is a female Inuit name meaning ‘survivor’. In this story, written by Jaylee Grace (i.e. me and a friend), it’s the theme of the entire mystery.

When Adam Steiner found himself in a remote Alaskan Village to write a book on Native American history, he never imagined he would become involved in a series of random murders. As the threat increases, he finds himself in a desperate struggle to unmask the killer and ultimately thwart a power believed to be buried for years. As the danger rises, the word Uki is his only hope.

I had a blast with this story. For the first time in forever, I wrote from the perspective of a young man. I did it with one of my best friends. And… I also got to write the majority of the bad person’s journal entries. I LOVED IT!!

Right now, we’re working on editing/revising/making-funny-faces-as-we-stare-at-the-screen and deciding which way to word the ending. Hopefully, you’ll see it in your local libraries and bookstores soon!