YOU can help Las Vegas

What words can describe the horror of Las Vegas?

We were driving through the mountains Sunday night without any cell coverage on the way to a college campus visit and didn’t hear of it till the middle of a class I got to sit in. It was an Intro to Media Writing– intro to writing news stories– and the Prof brought up the Vegas story as an example of how reporting works in the middle of a crisis. There I read the words.

50 dead.

400 wounded.

Worst mass shooting in the United States.

As if everything wasn’t already bad enough, the numbers have risen from yesterday morning. 59 dead and 525 wounded.

There are only a few words that can describe this horror:




I’ve often felt that, after a personal tragedy, the world keeps truckin’ on, completely uncaring. That doesn’t have to be–not here, not now, not with this. People, no matter who you are, there are many ways we can help the victims of Las Vegas heal.  Continue reading “YOU can help Las Vegas”