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Summer Time Is Here!

My school is out! Yay! Joy to the world! Sorrow!

Okay, I’m not going to miss my Biology quizzes, but I will miss my textbook. I won’t miss the last day before submitting an essay, but I will miss the research. I shall not miss– um, yeah, okay, I liked everything about Anthropology. I shall not miss the business and lack of time, but I shall miss the learning! Annnnnd the structured schedule. And my professors. Annnnd my group mates.

Okay, okay. The truth has come out. *sniffles* I like school. I shall miss thee, school! Farewell, my treasured friend! Until this fall when we meet again!

Annnnnnd I’m terrible at old English. Eek.

However, in the absence of school work, I will have plenty of time to work on my stories. Or so I think. Because I also have… plenty of other things to take up my time to. Lol. Continue reading “Summer Time Is Here!”

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Now You’re Cooking With Gas!

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Remember when I said I was gonna be doing some research for Death’s Whistle before writing some more? You do? Swell! You guys are the snake’s hips. Well, I’ve been reading this book called The Writer’s Guide to Everyday Life from Prohibition through World War II to help me along with the research.

Wait what? You’ve never heard of it? Applesauce! You oughta be pinched.

Anyways, the title basically says it all. It’s all about everyday life from the Prohibition era through World War 2. The first chapter is nothing but slang used all throughout that time period. Truth be told, it’s taking me a bit longer to read through it than most of my other books, but there’s so much information in it! Honest to goodness, I read a word, then suddenly see the perfect scene to go with it. I can’t hit on all six like that.

But with expressions like “Bat’s one’s gums” or “Shove in your clutch” or even “lollapalooza”, can you blame me?

I’ve been learning so much stuff though! First off, people back then basically spoke a different language. Which means  have to decide which expressions to use and which ones not to so that people who read Death’s Whistle can actually understand what I’m saying. *sighs* The second thing I learned… when skirt hemlines started rising in the 1920s (although never as short as they are today), the clothing manufactures were upset because less fabric was being used! And thirdly… the year after Alex’s run-in with Pearl Harbor, White Christmas was a top hit and the year before Pearl Harbor, he would have been reading The Grapes of Wrath.

The chips are down, however. Over the fall, I’ve requested several books from the library. Popular books that have been checked out and already on hold. But suddenly, they all seem to be available and waiting for me. How many, you ask? 14. 14 books are waiting for me to pick up tomorrow at the library. At least it will be Christmas break, so no college classes or anything. But still. How am I supposed to read 14 books and efficiently write Death’s Whistle and get ready for Christmas all at the same time?? There will be no extra time to flub the dub, that’s for sure!

Thanks for reading, peoples! Don’t take any wooden nickles. And especially watch out for Chicago pineapples. 😀