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Summer Time Is Here!

My school is out! Yay! Joy to the world! Sorrow!

Okay, I’m not going to miss my Biology quizzes, but I will miss my textbook. I won’t miss the last day before submitting an essay, but I will miss the research. I shall not miss– um, yeah, okay, I liked everything about Anthropology. I shall not miss the business and lack of time, but I shall miss the learning! Annnnnd the structured schedule. And my professors. Annnnd my group mates.

Okay, okay. The truth has come out. *sniffles* I like school. I shall miss thee, school! Farewell, my treasured friend! Until this fall when we meet again!

Annnnnnd I’m terrible at old English. Eek.

However, in the absence of school work, I will have plenty of time to work on my stories. Or so I think. Because I also have… plenty of other things to take up my time to. Lol. Continue reading “Summer Time Is Here!”

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Quite a Collection of Quotictures About Quietness

Okay, I have NO idea if Quotictures is a word. Okay. Nope. There’s a red squiggly line. Peoples, let me introduce you to a new word.

Quoticture (n) – A quote that is either is or is part of a picture.

There we go. Okay, anyways, I thought it for like Q I would do quotes. But… ya know. Q — Quotes. That’s kinda popular. Okay, okay, what other Q words are there? Quincy — don’t know anyone by that name. Quite– yay! Let’s write a post about Quite! Not. Quiet? That would go along with Listening to Destiny. Oh hey, look! Cool YouTube song!

Yeah, I’m easily distracted. Lol.

Anyways, I put in all the Q’s. Quite, Quoticture, and Quiet. So, without further ado, and without confusing you more, I give you the highlight quotictures from my Pinterest board for Listening to Destiny. Continue reading “Quite a Collection of Quotictures About Quietness”

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March 2017 Beautiful People

Click on the photo to go to the original site and see the link up and everything. Maybe even try it yourself. 😀

Okay, this is the first time I’ve tried something like this… so it will definitely be interesting. But I saw it on Reveries and thought it looked like a ton of fun. And then to be in a link up and visiting other blogs and… yeah, I’m slightly excited about it. If you can’t tell.

I think that this month, I’m going to be interviewing Dan and Destiny together. Just for the fun of it. 😛 Destiny will be bold, and Dan will be italics. (He’s gonna hate me for not making him bold, but oh well. :P)

FYI for anyone who’s not a regular… Destiny is the main character in my WIP Listening to Destiny. Dan is her brother. The story follows Destiny and her family as she looses her hearing, moves, and learns how to live again. If you’d like to learn more about the story, click here to go to my Listening to Destiny page. 😀 Continue reading “March 2017 Beautiful People”

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Where I Talk About Editing. Again.

Well, guys, whaddya know?  Listening to Destiny is finally back from the editor! I have completely looked through the manuscript and… well… yeah. I looked over the editor’s notes, then took a pen and started making my own marks. I plan on taking a different color pen (light blue or green…) and going over the paper version one more time before I take it to the computer and actually start to fix the mistakes. Then I plan on printing it out one last time and going through it again and then…

*gasp choke*

…and then…


…and then calling it the final draft! Continue reading “Where I Talk About Editing. Again.”

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Update on Destiny

Well, well, well! I sent Destiny to my editor on Friday… and now I am eagerly (nervously, desperately, querulously… take your pick) awaiting a response. I know it could take a while and it’s not helping that I have Christmas break coming up where I’m going to have much *gulp* free time to *gulp* worry about what’s being found *gulp* wrong.

I know for sure that working on something else will help my… um… nervousness about Destiny’s story so over Christmas break, I hope to do a lot of grunt work on Death’s Whistle. (Click here to read about it.) I think (I will double check again when I start working) that I’m over halfway done. I just need to finish up the last part and do some research on life in the military back then so that I can accurately write it. I honestly can’t wait to finish writing about Alex’s mischievous teenage years and bring Ricky into the fray. It’s gonna be soooooooo much fun.

Also, if you have Pinterest, click here to check out the board I made. I found some super cute Bella look-alikes and some interesting ASL pictures. It’s not big right now (only 27 pins) but it will be growing. Dat I promise. 😉

Anyways, that’s all for now. I hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving!

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Beautiful Books – Listening to Destiny

Paper Fury is a blog who does a series on characters called Beautiful People. However, once a year, they pause on the Beautiful People and do a Beautiful Books instead in honor of NaNoWriMo (the challenge to write a 50k story in one month).

They had some pretty cool questions so I figured I’d join in on the fun. I’m going to be doing it on Listening to Destiny. Continue reading “Beautiful Books – Listening to Destiny”