Hiatusing for the semester

Hello, everyone!

Yes, yes, the title is correct. I will be on a semester-long hiatus on From Causelessness to Coherent. Remember the Web Design and Social Media class I was telling you about? For the class, we have to write and maintain a blog. This, as you might guess, can take a lot of time plus other homework and, well, yes. I can’t maintain two blogs at once.

However, if you want to learn more about hot air balloons, and if you miss me, (don’t rule it out– you might), you can always good me there! My first post is already up so check it out!

Until next time!


Annnnnd I’m back!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Yeah, yeah. I’ve been away for a little bit, sadly. Okay, yeah, it was a long while. But ya know what? It’s never too late for a restart. Thanks to my lovely and published friend, Dawn Dagger (click here to learn more about her), I’ve gotten a nudge to get out of my little funk and get back to what I love.

To those of you who’ve been around for a little bit, you might have noticed that the name of my blog changed. The URL is still the same (jayleemorgan.wordpress.com), but I thought that with a revamp, a new title was appropriate. The title comes from an essay by Cynthia Ozick called Introduction: Portrait of the Essay as a Warm Body. It’s the introduction to The Best American Essays 1998 which we had to read for my class on essay writing. In the essay, she’s discussing what makes an essay and a few of her sentences read like so, “An essay is a thing of the imagination… it is the movement of a free mind at play. … The marvel of it is that out of this apparent causelessness, out of this scattering of idiosyncratic seeing and telling, a coherent world is made.” “Well, shoot,” I thought to myself, “that sounds an awful lot like a story too!”

A couple things in my life have changed. First off, I’m no longer a high school writer. Nope. I’m a college writer now.  I graduated this spring and am now studying English at a local Christian university. College has also started for me, meaning that I have assignments and homework piled up high around me. This means, of course, that writing a blog and my fun writing will be difficult to do, but I will do my best. I enjoy writing here. Also, From Causelessness to Coherent will no longer be just about writing, but about books, about interesting things I may have learned in my English classes, to free ways to have fun with your friends, to the ups and downs of being a commuter, to the latest Bible verse that touched my heart. I also have a PR class I’m taking this semester, so let’s see how that affects my blog. 😉

Studying English, eh, Jaylee? To become the biggest and bestest creative writer on this side of the Mississippi? Well, kind of. I’m studying English so that I can work in a corporate setting, which is a fancy way of saying that I want to write newsletters and blog posts and stuff for Christian or nonprofit organization. From there, I would have the ability to write truth and life to the people that the organization comes in contact with. I would be able to support an organization that is trying to “change the world,” even in some little way, and then, like the guy in the poem, I could change the world. That being said, I will most definitely keep writing stories, short and long, and you will absolutely hear about them here!

So there it is! A new season, a new start, an (almost) new blog. Stick around for the ride, y’all, it’s gonna be fun!

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Writing Apps

Our balloon being all American-y. 😛

Please excuse all the 4th of July references… this was supposed to be last week’s post.

‘Ello, y’all! How was your Independence Day? It was great for my family: morning balloon flight, relaxing in front of the TV (finally got my sisters to watch Night at the Museum), and then supper at Applebee’s. We were going to go on an evening balloon flight as well, but the winds were a bit too much, and so instead I got to eat Fiesta Lime Chicken! (Definitely try it out, guys. Delicious!)

Anywho. Today I want to talk about the different writing apps. I thought it would be interesting to see what you guys use and what is your favorites.

Word/Pages/Google Docs

I’ve never used Word… I have a Mac and so it’s Pages for me. However, I think the two are pretty close, as is Google Docs. This way is probably as simple as you can get on a computer. There’s a document, you type in it, format your headers however you want (if you want) and bingo. Your story takes form and you can write your heart out without any hassles or any wait.

However, sometimes we want things a little more than that. For example… if you do any research for your writing, you can’t keep it right there with your story. Character spotlights or info… also in another document.


Scrivener is created specifically for writers– awesomeness. That makes it a little more complicated than just Pages or Word. For example, each chapter (or scene if you so choose) is in a different “document” within the document. It makes it amazing for organizing chapters and/or writing chapter 31 before chapter 28. (I’ve never done that before. Huh uh. No way.)

Character sketches? They’ve already got an outline set up for you! (It’s a pretty basic one, but it works). Research? You can download web pages right into the document itself. It even has a subsection for “Places” if you want to use it. (I haven’t yet, but I completely intend to as I do more research into the ‘wheres’ of Death’s Whistle). Another downside… it costs money. Upside… I got it for a Christmas present about two years ago and haven’t stopped using it since then!

I like how it’s flexible, it’s easy enough for me to understand yet complex enough for all the features, and it’s always worked for me. If you don’t mind me saying, ich liebe es.


I’ve never used Storyist, but I think it’s a lot like Scrivener, only for Macs. Have any of you bought/used Storyist? What do you think of it? Would you recommend it?

Pen and Notebook

This is most likely the easiest of all of them. Take a pen, take a notebook, write. (I just gave you the secret formula… use it wisely.) It does take longer, sometimes, than working on the computer. And then you have to copy it to the computer most often to edit it.

However… I like the notebook thing. When I pull out a brand new notebook or, as I like to call it, a brand new slate, you know I’m serious about the story. I don’t have a laptop (have you seen the prices for a nice one? I’m not that rich until my books hit New York Times Bestseller list) and so the story in the notebook is portable. I can work on it for a couple minutes while I wait for the rest of my family to get their supper, while I wait for my eyes to droop enough for sleep, while I wait for my toast to… toast. Yes, I do have to copy it into the computer. Yes, that can take a long time. However, copying everything, word for word, helps you to get a good look at your story that I don’t think you would ordinarily get. I find a lot of places to fix, boost, destroy when I do that.

I don’t do this with all stories. Listening to Destiny and Death’s Whistle weren’t written in a notebook, however, several of my other stories were and I think I’m starting to like it better and better.

What do you think?

What do you guys use? What’s your favorite? What would you like to try? Let me know! I’d love to talk about it!


A Great Big Thank You

Hey everyone,

I wanted to say thank you so much for all the comments and support you have me during the A to Z challenge. You all have shown me so much love, and I was often too busy to show any love back. Yet you all kept staying there for me… it’s impossible to explain how much that means to me. Thank you. Thank you soooooooo much.

I’ve learned my lesson… that’s for sure. Never ever do Camp NaNo while doing the A to Z  Blogging Challenge while trying to keep up with the Goodreads reading challenge while writing three capstone papers again. Never ever. Lol.

I’m going to start catching up on all the comments I haven’t replied to yet. If it’s on my blog, I promise I’ll respond. I’m also going to start going back through your guys’ blogs and catching up on all the awesomeness I missed.

Again, guys, thank you. Thank you so, so much.


Another quick note… May is National Foster Care Month. So, with each post this month, I’m going to include a quote about adoption or foster care. 😉

There are no unwanted children