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Reflections of a Newly Published Author

For a while, I’ve held back sharing my stories. I used to share more often, posting them to a blog writing competition or the occasional short story contest. However, the competition closed down because of busyness, and I didn’t submit to anything else really except a little group of friends.

I guess I was scared. Nervous to send my writing out and get rejected (not my first time trying) so I didn’t search for anywhere else. However, one of my goals this year was to change that. So I wrote a couple short stories. But I only submitted one of them: a short nonfiction. I submitted it to Farm and Ranch Living in January. It was just a little story about one of the several kittens I helped to raise. I didn’t think it was that great either. Continue reading “Reflections of a Newly Published Author”

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Possible Reactions From Your Hometown To You Becoming An International Best Selling Author #writers

Definitely what I’m looking forward to!



Photo Credit: Upsplash.

Ever daydreamed about how your hometown will react to you becoming an international best selling author?

Ok, let’s imagine you have hit the literary big time. Your book is an international best seller, film rumours are rife and social media has gone into meltdown over your literary masterpiece.

How does your hometown react to your newfound stardom?

Here are some possible reactions.

  1. Your favourite local restaurant keeps a table freeat all times in case you decide to drop by and order some food.
  2. You are inundated with selfie requests in the high street, whilst doing a bit of shopping.
  3. Your local hair or beauty salon have a signed framed photo of you on the wall and name a beauty treatment or hairstyle after you! Sigh!
  4. Cool local people who’ve happily ignored you for years start hosting parties and ask you to be the guest of honour.

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