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Making Time for Writing

Making time for writing… that might very well be the hardest part of being a writer. For me, it’s hard to make time simply because so much other stuff is going on around me. Just like the photo, lol. More than that, I also have other things, non-writing things, that take up a lot of my time. With all that going on in my life (and I’m sure your life too… unless I’m the only busy person in the world…), how is anyone supposed to get “non-urgent” things like writing done? Continue reading “Making Time for Writing”

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U: Unify

Have you ever seen those unification scenes in movies? Where the fighting, bickering main characters finally get it together with their team and you finally know that everything is going to be okay? An example:

Yes. I am using Guardians of the Galaxy as an example cuz Vol. 2 comes out soon. ūüėČ

The fact is… when this scene happens in the movie… everybody knows that everything is going to work out just fine. Ya know what I’m talking about?

Now the question is… how do you do this in writing? And, actually, do you even¬†want to do it?

For example, maybe you’re writing a story where you don’t want everyone to know that it’s going to be okay until… it’s okay. (That is soooo me. Make you think that everyone’s going to die until… everyone dies. Or survives. You gotta wait to the end. :P)

What do you guys think? What is your style of writing?

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D: Deadlines

Today’s letter is¬†D, and the topic is¬†deadlines. Eeek! Something that everyone just loves. Yeah right. But the fact of the matter is… there are way more funny memes for deadlines than there are for my ex-topic: determinism. I was trying to think of D theme and concluded that determinism would be a better, more inspiring topic, but that deadlines were funnier.


Have I proven my point? Thank you. *bows*

However much we hate deadlines… ¬†some people (including me) work better under deadlines. I think I might have touched on it slightly in one of my other posts, but here I want to touch on it a bit more. Continue reading “D: Deadlines”

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Camp NaNo!

How many of you have heard of/like NaNoWriMo or Camp NaNo? Well, guess what I got in my inbox the other day? That’s right. Camp NaNoWriMo is coming up! (*Squeals excitedly* *remembers that I don’t even know what project I should work on* *cowers*)

One thing I’ve noticed about the NaNos¬†is that there is a lot of debate about them. They are amazing! They are terrible. I completed a book with them! They cause hurried, terrible writing! Everyone should do it! It shouldn’t even exist!¬†

I must admit… I’m somewhere in the middle. Sometimes I think it’s amazing. The next day, I think it’s terrible. There have been some super good points for and against it, but in this post, I’m going to show the good and the bad that I personally have seen in NaNo. Continue reading “Camp NaNo!”

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Taking Breaks

The girl sat down at her computer wearily and brushed her dishwater blonde hair out of her eyes. She swiftly logged into her account and pulled up her document. She looked carefully at the last paragraph she’d written and then tried to remember where she wanted to go from there.¬†

She couldn’t remember. Her brain was dead.

She tried to refresh it by going over the chapter she’d just written. Instead of refreshing her, though, it only served to awaken her inner editor. She groaned and moaned. She looked at inspiring pictures, read inspiring quotes, begged, cajoled, bribed… but to no use.

Not a single word came to her mind.

She moaned again and dropped her weary head to her hands, trying to massage words into her brain and out her fingers. Just one word. Even one word. She was supposed to be a writer, for crying out loud!

Five seconds later, she was fast asleep.

Continue reading “Taking Breaks”

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How to Keep on Track With School

This is tricky. Keeping everything else on track while working on school. Some of you may¬†find that it’s easier to do anything when school’s around because it puts a schedule in your life. Others of you find it harder because school takes up your life. Either way, here are some tips to keep writing while doing school. Continue reading “How to Keep on Track With School”

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When You Can’t Seem to Write

I’m sure everyone has had a least a little taste of what I’m talking about. That moment when you¬†finally have time to write but then suddenly… you have no¬†desire to write. You know what you want to write down, you know how the story is going to go from here, you know everything… except how to make yourself write.


I have had such days before. A¬†lot. And here are some little tips I’ve learned along the way. Continue reading “When You Can’t Seem to Write”