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Tips for Preparing for NaNo

If you’re like me, you are watching the 1st of November come up a mixture of excitement, dread, happiness, sorrow. No doubt on Nov. 1st, we’ll all shout in both exhilaration and overwhelming fear. To help feel more excitement and less dread, here are a couple tips for surviving NaNo that I will be putting into use… Continue reading “Tips for Preparing for NaNo”

Writing Tips and Tricks

The Importance of Non-verbals in Stories

93% of our emotional communication is through non-verbals.

“What in the world are non-verbals?” You ask.

Well, non-verbals are defined (by my textbook) as “communication other than written or spoken language that creates meaning for someone.”

So, instead of you simply asking what non-verbals are, you cock your head curiously, raise an eyebrow to show that you’re asking a question, and your voice raises at the end of your sentence, verifying that it is indeed a question.

Yes. That.

Why are they so important to add to stories? Continue reading “The Importance of Non-verbals in Stories”