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O: Older

How many of you have noticed that as you get older, your stories tend to change?

For example, when I was really little, my stories were about princesses and their one true loves. Then I got a bit older and I wrote about horses. Those stories were terrible and thankfully none of them still exist. Then I wrote about Whitney, a gang girl in a collapsing country as she tries to find a reason for life and… just plain survive.

And then I waffled through a ton of short stories (some are terrible and should be destoryed and some are actually, surprisingly, not that bad) before finally arriving at where I am now. Now I’m writing two seperate stories: one about a girl with hearing loss and another about a guy in the 1940s experiencing Pearl Harbor first hand. It makes me wonder how my writing is going to grow with and after these stories. It seems like an adventure!

How has your writing grown as you’ve gotten older?

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J: Jack of All Trades

Jack of all trades and master of none.

jackofalltrades.pngOr so goes the saying. The question is… is it better to be a master at one or a jack of all trades? This has been a long standing debate in our family (extended family included) with each one of us flipping sides (back and forth, forth and back) as time goes on.

It’s not easy to decide this. However, something that both sides have pointed out is that when you are a jack of all trades, you have more adventures, more experiences.

On the other hand, your work isn’t as great as a master of one. For example, if you bounce around in different writing genres, you will never be the J. R. R. Tolkien.

I did something completely new (I guess making me a Jack of all Trades?) and put together a little (and generalized) infographic of the differences between Jack of all Trades and Master of Ones.

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H: Heroes


superhero minion
This is also not the type of superhero I’m talking about. But… I mean, if you wanna write a superhero minion comic/story… go right ahead! I’ll read it!

Hey, guys! Welcome to my H post! Today I’m going to be talking about heroes. Because… well, who doesn’t like heroes? No, not as in the TV show (I think?) that I only just found out about because I was like for pictures for heroes and instead came up with all kinds of TV show Heroes logo/picture/thingy…


I’m pretty sure we all know there are different types of heroes in stories. Most of the time, the hero is the center of the story, the one who saves the day over and over and over again. Or, another type of hero that I’ve seen growing in popularity is the bumbling hero, the one who barely manages to save the day because he’s really not that good at hero-ing. (Part of me thinks this type of hero is getting popular because people just like to laugh. 😉 )

But none of these are the types of heroes I want to talk about. Instead, I want to talk about…

The Unnoticed Hero


Good example of unnoteced heroes.

It’s not that they’re unsung… well they are, because, no one notices them to sing their praises. They aren’t in it for the glory, or the fame, they’re just in it because it’s the right thing to do. I don’t think we have enough of these types of heros in stories.


Who else agrees with me?



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G: Gophers

Today is G and I want to talk about all the different ways you can include gophers in your writing. I’m sure you’re thinking something along the lines of “Wow! Jaylee! What an amazing and inspiring topic! Where did you ever get an idea such as that?” Not. Lol.

I haven’t written anything goofy for a bit and felt the strange urge to do so. So without further ado…

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E: Enthusiasm


The red-haired kid is so cuuuute!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the E post! Today I’m going to do something a little bit different. Instead of you guys listening to me ramble on, I want to listen to you. One thing that I’ve found fascinating as I’ve explored the blogging world more and more is the different stories that everyone has to tell and that all of those stories are interesting and important.


Where do you get your enthusiasm for writing from? I’m assuming that most of you here are writers, but if you aren’t, then where do you get your passion for your hobby? What do you enjoy about it? What is one piece of advice that changed your view or actions with your writing/hobby?

Feel free to answer one question or all of them, or to just give a little story that you feel like sharing. 😀images.png

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D: Deadlines

Today’s letter is D, and the topic is deadlines. Eeek! Something that everyone just loves. Yeah right. But the fact of the matter is… there are way more funny memes for deadlines than there are for my ex-topic: determinism. I was trying to think of D theme and concluded that determinism would be a better, more inspiring topic, but that deadlines were funnier.


Have I proven my point? Thank you. *bows*

However much we hate deadlines…  some people (including me) work better under deadlines. I think I might have touched on it slightly in one of my other posts, but here I want to touch on it a bit more. Continue reading “D: Deadlines”