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NaNo has Begun!

How many of you are participating in NaNo?

Well then… you’d understand if I quit this post right here and now and went off to write, eh?


But hey, those of you who are doing NaNo… tell me about your project! Now that we’re… 17 hours and 49 minutes into it, have you chosen your story? Did you plan? Are you winging it? Are you excited to start or can you feel your heart sinking?

I wanna hear from you!

How is it going?

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Tips for Preparing for NaNo

If you’re like me, you are watching the 1st of November come up a mixture of excitement, dread, happiness, sorrow. No doubt on Nov. 1st, we’ll all shout in both exhilaration and overwhelming fear. To help feel more excitement and less dread, here are a couple tips for surviving NaNo that I will be putting into use… Continue reading “Tips for Preparing for NaNo”

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Camp NaNo!

How many of you have heard of/like NaNoWriMo or Camp NaNo? Well, guess what I got in my inbox the other day? That’s right. Camp NaNoWriMo is coming up! (*Squeals excitedly* *remembers that I don’t even know what project I should work on* *cowers*)

One thing I’ve noticed about the NaNos is that there is a lot of debate about them. They are amazing! They are terrible. I completed a book with them! They cause hurried, terrible writing! Everyone should do it! It shouldn’t even exist! 

I must admit… I’m somewhere in the middle. Sometimes I think it’s amazing. The next day, I think it’s terrible. There have been some super good points for and against it, but in this post, I’m going to show the good and the bad that I personally have seen in NaNo. Continue reading “Camp NaNo!”