Sept RAKs: Day 9

Today… well, today I didn’t really do any RAKs since I was getting paid for being nice and doing something I like. Basically, there’s a festival that my neighbor goes to and does pony rides at. I took an afternoon shift. So… I was paid to hang out with horses and make kids smile! Awesomeness, right??

What did you do today?


Sept RAKs: Day 7

Today, I took my siblings and my cousin to a girls’ Bible study that we’re all a part of. Apparently now my aunt is enjoying the benefits of me having my license as well! Hahaha. But we all had fun seeing our friends, and I did have fun explaining that I’m able to drive everyone over now!

What did you do today?

Sept RAKs: Day 5

This weekend my family spent time with the rest of our close family for Labor day. We always have this weekend to ourselves and camp out on Grandpa’s yard to enjoy good quality time together. That being said, I don’t remember what RAKs I did. Helped with food? Held the door open at the musem?

Anyways. Today.

Today I went grocery shopping and when I checked out, I avoided the self-checkouts. Because they hate me. Really truly. And because of that, I got to see some really cool earrings and compliment the cashier on them. It was dolphins.

What did you do today?

Sept RAKs: Day 1

Today, I (and my family) sent a card to a sick friend of ours. We just found out that he was sick yesterday, and so I snatched a card out of my stash (Yes, I have a secret stash of cards. Doesn’t everyone??) and sent it via snail mail. (I love getting snail mail, but that might be just me.)

What did you do today?